Holiday Programme

Our holiday courses are days full of FUN activities, games, football drills, matches and surprises.

​Where: Stanmore Bay Park by HBCAFC Clubrooms

When: Week 1: Monday 6 July / Tuesday 7 July/ Wednesday 8 July
            Week 2: Monday 13 July / Tuesday 14 July / Wednesday 15 July
9:00am to 3:00pm
Cost: $45 per day  

Discounted Weekly Cost: $120 per week (3 days) if all 3 days are in the same week

What to bring: Please pack 2 snacks and lunch, plenty of water, rain coat, sun block and a hat.

Themes: 6 July: Wacky hair and odd dress. 7July: Superheros.               8 July: anything HBCAFC

                13 July:  Fantastic Hat                      14 July:  Backwards Day        15 July: anything Football

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