Talent Development Programme

Through the Talent Development Programme, or "TDP", Hibiscus Coast AFC is aiming to develop more skillful and confident players on the ball by teaching them ball mastery and skills essentials to play football. This programme will focus on individual player development and how to use these techniques/skills in game situations.

During this programme players will be challenged appropriately with and against players of a similar ability. This will help to accelerate a players development as they will be required to operate at a standard that involves a higher level performance across all four corners of a players development.

 The TDP aim is to enable players to learn how to use the skills (Core skills) they have developed in Junior grades and first years of youth football to play the game within triage structure of 11 v 11 following the Hibiscus Coast team model. This will also help players to prepare for the transition into senior football and to support players reaching their goals in football.


The TDP has been designed to NZ Football guidelines and will be implemented by qualified professional coaches. 

After the lack of football this year it will set the players up for success next year!  

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Term 1 2021 - Boys

Where: Red Beach Reserve at William Bayes Place

When: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays

Weeks: 6 commencing 11th February 2021

Grade 13th 4.00pm-5.25pm 

Grade 14th and 15th 5.30 pm-6.55 pm

Who: All players (boys, club members, or non-affiliated)

Cost: $75


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To find out more:  email tdf@hbcafc.org.nz  

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