Youth Academy- Grades 13th, 14th, 15th 
The main aim is to provide a challenging, structured programme for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player TECHNICAL development.

Sessions will be focused on improving basic techniques. These techniques will be worked in isolation and transferred to a game situation.

Coaches will be encouraging players to focus on long term development over immediate outcomes by consistently asking them to operate at the limit of their current abilities.

Players take part in exercises with a focus on building a growth mind-set that embraces mistakes as key learning opportunities.

Coaches will provide feedback at the end of the 8 weeks. This will be done at the fields. The coaches will highlight the journey of the player in these 8 weeks which will help players to set goals based on strengths and areas for improvement.

The feedback will be player lead and coaches will guide the conversation through questions, scenarios and the use of white board to get a better interaction in the process.


When: Thursday (starting on Thursday 6th May)

Where: Red Beach, (William Bayes Place, Red Beach).

Time: 4:30 - 6 pm

Fees: $80 (8 week block)

Finishes: Thursday 24th June

Limited spaces available.

Session structure.


  • This time is used to develop and practice the basic technique (passing, first touch, dribbling, etc) and football related movements designed to help achieve the session objective. 


  • The theme is developed by the introduction of limited opposition, providing opportunities for appropriate perception, decision and execution in a realistic setting.
  • Passing practices with added game-related resistances.
  • Designed to further develop passing and first touch under pressure.
  • Players are now required to develop, improve or reinforce their positioning, handling speed and decision-making.


  • Specific and game-related exercises designed to develop, improve or reinforce team understanding and player roles and the when, where and how to execute different techniques.
  • Has direction and includes realistic opposition that can be gradually increased.
  • Is situated in the area of the field where the desired actions usually take place.
  • Challenges such as modifications and constraints can be placed on the players (corridors, additional boundary lines, limited touches, restricted areas, etc).
  • Each team plays towards targets (small goal, big goal, cross a line in possession, etc)


  • A game involving two even teams (or a neutral player working with the team in possession) used to conclude the session.
  • These should involve teams with even numbers or one neutral so the team in possession has a one person advantage. Goals for both teams (either big or small goals).
  • Main moments for both teams (attack, defend, transition).

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