Field bookings for training or preseason games

All fields used by HBCAFC are Auckland Council owned.  The Club works closely with Council to ensure fields are in the best condition possible to minimise disruption to games throughout both the summer and winter seasons. At times fields may not be available at all to allow for maintenance by Council   All Sports Clubs/Federations (not just football) submit requests to Council to use fields for games and training and to run our Development programmes.  Fields are allocated in summer and winter periods. 

Our winter allocations are confirmed late March. This covers April - end of August (but not neccessarily the 31st).  Any teams wanting to do any pre-season training (before 1st April) can email a request to  If your request does not fit into what has already been allocated by Council we may need to apply separately.  This can take 5 working days so please allow for this.  Note also, any pre-season training allocations do not automatically carry over to the winter season. You can request this but nothing can be confirmed until we know our winter allocations from Council.

We try as best we could to fit around Coaches time of work, location of teams, field availability etc. If you are not using your field allocation, please let us know so we can offer to other teams who it might suit better than there current allocation. Email us on

Training times: are scheduled to assist with the huge task of allocating over 100 teams and to maximize field usage.
Junior teams:  4 - 5.30pm & 5.30 - 7pm
Senior teams: 7 - 9pm

Training fields sizes: are allocated as below as we do not have enough fields to allow a whole field per team for training
Junior 9 - 12th Grade teams: 1/4 of a field
Junior 13 - 19th Grade & Senior teams: 1/2 a field.

Field Usage and Shuttles: If you are doing repetitive drills, drills that are tearing up the grass, please do them off to the side of the pitch. Also, please stay out of goal mouths too. This is one way we can minimise wear and fields potentially having to be closed during the sesason.

HBCAFC Playing fields: 
Stanmore Bay Park

Victor Eaves, Orewa

Metro Park, Millwater

Gulf Harbour Reserve

And Training fields: 
Stanmore Bay Park (fields 4 & 5 only)

Metro Park (only some fields have lights)

Victor Eaves (no lights)

Gulf Harbour Reserve (no lights)

Edith Hopper Park, Manly

Red Beach Reserve (aka Williams Bays) 

Ashley Reserve, Long Bay

Any requests or queries can be emailed to

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