COVID 19 Update 23rd August

23 Aug

You will have no doubt heard Auckland will remain at alert level 4 until at least Tuesday 31st August. This means that all

  • Trainings
  • Programmes
  • Games

remain postponed until further notice.

We have not received any update from the Federation in regards to the season other than they are "running through scenarios". As soon as we have an update we will let you know.

Also, with a growing number of locations of interest involving areas where our members may have travelled or played against opposition from those areas, the advice we have received is

  • Call the Ministry of Health Helpline 08003585453
  • Visit the website
  • If unwell - get tested
  • Remember if going outside to wear a mas

Other than one club where we have notified the teams affected we have not received any further notifications on close contacts or places of interest. We are watching this regularly and as soon as we are made aware we will be in contact with any teams that are affected.

Likewise if you test positive (we sure hope you don't) please make sure you get in touch via the meantime stay safe and well (nothing like going for a run or walk in our beautiful location). Don't forget to check-in on your friends and family as well.

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