Dumplings Fundraiser

25 Aug

The HBCAFC Fundraising committee has a delicious new taste sensation for our club members, families, friends, and neighbors to enjoy, and at the same time helping raise funds for the club to support football on the field and exciting new developments in the future – we will share more about this too in due course!  

With the support of Leanne’s Kitchen, we are bringing dumplings to our winter fundraiser offer.   

Leanne’s Kitchen is the largest producer of dumplings in the country and has been serving New Zealanders for over 16 years. There are 6 flavors available, and Leanne’s Kitchen’s reputation is founded on quality, variety, and reliability.

More information can be found at: www.leanneskitchen.co.nz

Now you can enjoy these authentic tasting dumplings at home. All produce is sourced locally each day to provide the freshest ingredients and then snap frozen to keep in all the goodness.  While each step of our process is completed with the traditional recipe in mind - our dumplings are wholesome, combining pastry, seafood, meats, and vegetables.They are a satisfying snack or meal for the whole family, summer, or winter- simply perfect to eat all year round. There is no coloring, preservatives or harmful additives in any of our dumpling ranges and with the added quick and easy cooking processes taking between 5- 12mins, they are indeed a mouth-watering morsel. Each bag contains 12 dumplings. 

These items are FROZEN and will require pick up at the SET time on Sat 24th Sept 2022 from the clubrooms.  We will not be able to store or hold your items so please factor this in when placing your order. 

Each dumpling packet is $3.50, with 12 packets per box. We are only selling complete boxes, but you can order as many boxes across each flavor as you like. A box = $42.00 incl GST - with almost 40% of the sales going to the club - this is win/win - we hope you enjoy it and please share this link with family and friends if they can come to the club to collect on the morning of Sat 24th September, the exact 2-hour window will be confirmed closer to the time, but approx. 10am-12pm

Place your order here:


Thank you in advance for your support!

HBCAFC Fundraising Committee

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