21 Apr

Hi Everyone,


I hope everyone is going well and staying safe, you’ve seen something very similar from Jenny, we are combining together on some course. I’ve have some extra courses aswel.

I am pleased to inform you that the Fit4Football Webinar Series will be live this week for our football community. 

We are taking our club, coach, player, parent and referee workshops to a webinar platform to keep our football community learning, engaging and supported during the COVID-19 lockdown levels.

During this lockdown time our football community can continue to learn and expand their knowledge of player welfare concepts, philosophies and practices to ensure everyone is football ready when we are able to start the season.

The Fit4Football Webinar Series will include:

  1. Player Welfare  -  30mins
  2. Female Athlete  -  30 – 40mins
  3. Nutrition  -  30 – 40mins
  4. 11+  -  30mins
  5. 11+ Kids  -  30 - 40mins
  6. 11+ Referees  -  30mins
  7. Concussion   -  20mins


We will be scheduling two to three national F4F Webinar Workshops per week that will also be included within the national coach education calendar alongside several regional F4F webinar workshops which will be hosted weekly and delivered by myself and a co-host from our Player Welfare team to our federation region/s.

Our website calendar is currently still under development, however you will find a full calendar on the F4F website, mid week.  Just look for the Webinar Series in the drop down menu.

We would appreciate you spreading the word to your regions clubs and have included this week’s regional and national workshops below, with links to register.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Tuesday 21st April 5:00pm               Tuesday 21st April 7:00pm                  Wednesday 22nd April 5:30pm     Friday 24th April 5:30pm                      Tuesday 28th April 3:30pm               Friday 1st May 5:30pm

David Mulligan                                     David Mulligan                                       David Mulligan & Jenny Story      David Mulligan & Jenny Story           David Mulligan                                     David Mulligan & Jenny Story          

Saturday 2nd May 10:00am

David Mulligan

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