Youth Football (13th to 17th Grades)

Update 23/3/20: Winter Season start date is delayed to the weekend of 1st / 2nd / 3rd May. Please follow us on FB to keep up to date during this changeable time.

Youth Football is for footballers aged from 13 to 19 years (13th to 19th Grade).

The Grade is determined by the age your child turns this year, i.e. if your child turns 14 this year he is in 14th Grade.

​Team are entered in the Northern Football Federation competitions

  • Teams play Saturdays alternating between Home and Away games.
  • ​Metro & Conference teams (the top teams from 13th Grade and up) play Sunday mornings.
  • Away games are largely based in the North Harbour and West Auckland areas.
  • Home games are played at Stanmore Bay Park, Metro Park, Millwater, Gulf Harbour Reserve and Victor Eaves, Orewa.
  • ​13th-17th Grade Teams play 11 a-side, on a full field. Kick off after 11am, playing for 60-90 mins. Except 13th Grade girls who play 9 a-side on a smaller field.

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